In this corner of the internet I have uploaded some information and pictures about my work. Focusing on three basic materials such as glass, metal, and wood I attempt to create three dimensional compositions inspired by nature. Another recurring theme in my work are angels in different shapes and characters.

       At the beginning I only worked on classic plain stained glass works but soon evolved to 3D small stained glass works, crafts, and metal sculptures since the creative process in volume allows for broader possibilities of expression.

       I have divided my work in two groups. First we have “The Gallery” where you can only see the creations because they no longer are available or I am not ready to let them go yet. The creations that can be purchased can be found in “The Shop” (small stained glass works, metal crafts, sculptures and costume jewelry). Moreover if you have your own idea that you would like to become a reality we can always talk about it.

       I called this page “Plastycy” (“Artists” in Polish) as I hope to engage other people to cooperate and have them present their works here as well.

       One of my plans in the near future is to expand the gallery section with a selection of flower photos. I have been taking flower pictures for as long as I can remember. It all started with slides and later moved onto color photography using ORWO film. Unfortunately a great part of my pictures disappeared during the abrupt changes in my life.


                                                                                                           Zbigniew Krawczyk

special thanks to Martyna and Mauro